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To mark the 75th Anniversary of the NHS, the Seacole Group partnered with Colourful Healthcare to launch: GEMS: Hidden in Plain Sight (75@75). This is the new leaders list recognising 75 health and social care professionals from Black, Asian and other minoritised backgrounds who are making a difference in the sector but are often hidden in plain sight. Read more here


Nominated by peers, the 75 GEMS will have demonstrated that they are making a difference to their organisation, patient care/community and/or the diversity and inclusion agenda. They will be publicly recognised across social media platforms starting in December.


The Seacole Group is delighted to share that a number of our members are on the list*.

Join us as we congratulate them on their richly deserved recognition.


*The full list will be available from eary December  


Click on tne photo to find out more of the GEMS recipient
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